Below is a list of all the questions we think you need to know.

If there is something else you would like to know that we do not cover on this page then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Where’s it to?

Address: Scorrier, Redruth. Cornwall. TR16 5AU

The event will take place in the grounds of Scorrier House Estate in Cornwall. Set in the beautiful countryside taking in fields, hedges, woods, ditches and muddy tracks. If you end up in someone’s garden, you’ve gone the wrong way…

When is it?

Sunday 11th September 2022 at 09:00 – 16:00hrs

Can I choose my start time?

Sadly, this is impossible to do  – or else we reckon all 1000 of you will be starting at 09:00 and nobody at 13:00. Once everyone is registered, we will look at all participants and allocate start times based on the following:

  • All super-fit Billy Whizz participants will be setting off first thing.
  • Anyone who is registered as part of a team will start at the same time as fellow team members
  • Individuals and teams will be given staggered start times, known as ‘waves’. This allows a steady flow of participants into – and out of – the course.

Remember – please be at the Starting Marquee to get checked in at least 45 minutes prior to your allocated wave start time.

If you are not checked in on time, or arrive at the start line after the warm up session has started, you will be asked to wait and join a later wave.

We need to ensure a safe number of participants are fed into the course at staggered times. Sadly, we cannot let you change your wave time once published.

How long does it take?

The average times to complete the courses will vary due to weather conditions, your experience and level of fitness and your overall approach to the challenge. Remember – there are no time limits or recordings for either course. We would advise people to plan on 1-2 hours for the Kernow Thriller course, and 2-3 hours for the Kernow Killer course.

Who can enter?

Setting up events takes an awful lot of time, with many things needing to be booked and sorted many months in advance. Participants who help us organisers by confirming and paying for registration as early as possible will be rewarded with discounted rates. The discount rates gradually disappear until a few weeks before race day, when the full price is expected.

Teams also get discounted rates for each member of the same group.

All participants get:

(The good stuff)

  • Participant’s T-shirt
  • Survivor’s finishing medal
  • Free access to event’s photo gallery
  • That inner glow of beating the course

(The boring stuff)

  • A fully insured, safety checked event with Marshals and Medics across the course
  • Free parking
  • Water stops along the course

Check the ‘Entry and Costs’ page for the most up to date prices.

How fit do I need to be?

This is meant to be a challenge; it’s intended to smudge make-up, rip shorts, bring tears to your eyes and muddy your knees. With a bit of luck, you will be digging dirt out of cavities for a few weeks…… but everyone should be able to participate. We welcome those who really want to belt around at phenomenal pace ( they all go first thing in the morning) but the rest of us mere mortals who can just about survive late-night Christmas shopping will be fine.

Training and Preparation

Many teams who enter are also linked to local gyms. Please look at tour Partnerships page to see how you can link up with your local Kernow Killer / Kernow Thriller gym partner.

What should I wear?

Again, comfort is the most important thing to consider. Leggings, shorts and polo / T-shirts made from light, well fitted and moisture-wicking material are ideal. Remember, these clothes are likely to remain Delabole-slate grey for the rest of their days, and some may get snagged or slightly torn. Depending on the weather you may need an extra layer on top. 

What is absolutely essential is to bring another set of clothes to change into – sat on the way home on those lovely cream car seats whilst caked in Scorrier’s finest will mean you will be very busy the following Sunday……

Remember to ladle on the sun cream – even if the weather appears overcast. Some participants also use Vaseline or chamois creams to avoid chafing and rubbing in those extra sensitive areas.

What about fancy dress?

Oh, we LOVE fancy dress!!!! If you’re brave enough – we’re happy enough. We have seen all sorts of get-ups, so keep us all entertained with your inspirational costume choices.

Protective clothing

Some people decide to wear long socks to help protect shins as they run around. If you do this, consider a sock tie as running around with wet socks flopping over your trainers is really tiring. 

Some people like knee and elbow pads. These should not be necessary – you may get a few limb scuffs – but the course is not designed to lose limbs.

Hats are okay but have a habit of coming off. 

What should I wear on my feet?

We know it’s going to be absolutely blazing – well, may be a touch of mizzle as well – but your enjoyment of the day will depend an awful lot on decent footwear. (Our enjoyment however is based on the dudes trying to do it in flip-flops). Wellies or gum shoes are terrible to run in so get yourself a pair of good fitting trainers. For the fancy-dans, trail shoes will be a great help. Whatever you wear, prepare for them to get proper trashed so be mindful. Anyone caught wearing Crocs will be asked to leave: swiftly.

Do I need gloves?

There are two distinct camps about glove wearing… some will swear by them, some will swear at them. Whilst gloves help with grip (and warmth) – once wet and mucky, they may not offer either benefit anymore. Let us know what you find is best!

Can I wear glasses?

Ideally, contact lenses will be best suited to these events. If you need to wear your glasses, try and make sure they are secured with a tether in case they drop off. We cannot take any responsibility for any item lost whilst you are participating in these events.

Can I wear watches, Go Pro or GPS devices?

Despite this being a challenge and not a race, many people taking part love to download their performance later that day and see how long different bits took them. Just be aware that scrambling and clambering may break or dislodge your device, so our advice is ‘leave them in the car or at home!’

Our event photographer will be strategically placed to capture those fantastic action shots as negotiate the best bits of the course, so cameras or GoPro devices should not be needed (and again will be safer in your car!) We cannot take any responsibility for any item lost whilst you are participating in these events.


There will be event photographers hidden around various places and obstacles on the course.

A few days after the event, you will receive an email when the photos are available. At that time, you will be able to view and download your photos.

Can I run the race by myself?

You will never be alone in these events! If you are not part of a team, you will be part of a ‘wave’ – that is a group of individuals and teams who set off at timed intervals. You will reach many obstacles at the same time as wave partners, and they will expect you to help them – and they will help you survive the course!

How do I make a team?

This is designed to be a team event. Don’t worry, if you are running solo there will be plenty of others on hand to help. Teams can be made up of family members, groups of friends, team-mates from sports clubs or gyms, work colleagues or a few people you met down the Spar last week. All you will need is a catchy team name and quote this when registering. Being part of a team means you get discounted entry into the race, and you will be guaranteed to start at the same time as your teammates.

Over the years, many teams have entered to support charities and good causes. These events are excellent ways to bring groups together, get sponsored or make donations to worthy causes.

Do I have to tackle every single obstacle?

Are aim is that every participant has a great experience and pushes themselves to their limits – sometimes outside of a comfort zone. But we do not expect anyone to tackle anything they feel is just too far out of their reach. By turning up to the event and having a go, you have already proved yourself as a worthy competitor. If any obstacle is just not right for you, you can bypass and re-join colleagues on the other side without any issue at all. 

How safe is it?

The event and courses are fully insured. You know that insurance would not be given out to something that is too risky. We try and make the course as tough and challenging as possible, but to ensure you get safely to the end and feel like you want to come again the next year. 

On both courses you will see Marshals who will be there to ensure your safety, as well clap and cheer you on your way. There will be full paramedic emergency aid cover for the whole site – from the time you park your car, until the time you leave. If you are feeling unwell or have injured yourself, or you recognise that someone else needs medical assistance – please alert the nearest Marshal (full instructions will be give before your ‘wave’ departs).

What do I do if I get injured?

We have fully qualified emergency medics on site throughout the whole event. If you pick up an injury, please make your way to the Emergency Vehicles, or if unsure, present to a Marshal. We are able to treat, assess and advise on most things – so please don’t suffer in silence.

There will be obstacles involving water – the water is not that deep, but we ask that any participant attempting water obstacles MUST be able to swim at least 25 metres independently.


As part of our insurer’s requirements, we need you to read, understand and e-sign the Waiver. We cannot let you participate without this. Please be assured that a Waiver does not mean we don’t have to worry about you – your safety is our main concern whilst you are with us.

Can I bring cheerleaders?

Pom poms will probably get too muddy – so just invite all your family, friends and supporters. They can see you set off and welcome you back across the finishing line – unfortunately they will not be allowed onto the course whilst people are competing. Sadly, we cannot allow dogs on the course or at the start/finish line either.

Food and Drink

As this is a challenging assault course, we need to make sure you are safe to compete. If you appear sozzled, it will not be safe to let you compete ( remember you are there to look out for others as well). If you have just finished a wild night out at Sailors and are trying to sweat it out, our course medics will check you are okay before you start.

There will be plenty of drinks, snacks and food available to buy at the start/finish areas. These are available before you start and for when you finish – unless your family and friends eat it all before you get back.

Please bring cash and card.

My circumstances have changed – I now cannot come…

We recognise that in trying to help us get organised by booking early, things change. Please click here for information on cancellations and refunds.

Do you have another question?

Please feel free to contact us. We'll reply as soon as possible.