Race Prep

  1. Help us to plan the best event ever by signing up and registering as early in the year as possible. Tell your friends and colleagues to do the same as well. 
  2. Tell us your T-shirt size when registering . If you end up having a particularly good Christmas and you need to alter your size, please let us know.
  3. You will be given your wave start time in the weeks before event day: please make sure you are on site, checked in and ready to get warmed up a good 45 minutes before your wave start time. 
  4. Make sure your Waiver has been competed on-line and submitted. No waiver – no start. 
  5. The courses will be challenging, make sure new shoes, new clothes and old muscles are broken in during the weeks leading up the event.

Race Day

  1. Directions for the event can be found on this website. Look for our Kernow Killer signs as you get near the location and follow the direction signs to the car parking area. We ask for £1 per car to park at the event – all proceeds are given to our chosen charity FLEET (Frontline Emergency Equipment Trust – Reg Charity No. 1107582)
  2. Once parked up – make your way to the Starting Marquee ( just listen out for the noise!). 
  3. Check in – tell us you are here, check your waiver has been received and write your entry number on your hand. You can leave your keys with us for safe keeping whilst you are on the course. We cannot look after bags – they will be safest in your car and the car park is not too far away.
  4. There will be drinks and snacks available to buy for last minute top-ups (and toilets for last minute ablutions) before the start line.
  5. Be at the start gate AT LEAST 15 minutes before your wave start time. We need to get you warmed up, we need to get you revved up, we need to make sure you are ready!!! (We have a few last-minute top tips we must tell you as well)
  6. There will be water stations on the course. You should not need to take your own drinks with you.
  7. When they say ‘go’ – run for your lives………

On the course

  1. Stick to the course – we really don’t want to be trucking down to Falmouth late afternoon because someone thought they knew a ‘short cut’.
  2. Listen to the Marshals – they are there primarily to make sure you and fellow participants are safe. Their word is final whilst on the course.
  3. Kernow Thriller and Kernow Killer routes will be clearly marked; make sure you follow the signs!
  4. Have a try of all obstacles – if something is simply a bridge too far, simply walk by and re-join the course immediately on the other side: this is not a problem.
  5. Utilise the water stations – hydration is key in getting you the finishing line.
  6. If you feel unwell or injury yourself – let a Marshal know. If one is not immediately accessible, let another participant know. Kernow Killer’s rules are that we leave no-one behind: please keep any eye out at all times to ensure we all look after each other.
  7. Smile – like a maniac – at all times: you never know where the photographer is hiding.

Finishing Line

  1. If you survive……. Well Done; you deserve it!
  2. Shout scream and howl as you cross that line – you are now part of the family.
  3. After posing for photos with adoring fans, family and friends please make your way to the Finish Marquee (looks a lot like the Starting Marquee!) and let us know you are back (if you are out of puff and cannot speak, we will try and check the number on your hand).
  4. Collect your participant’s T-shirt, your survivor’s medal and take a moment to pat yourself – and anyone near you – on the back. Remember to collect your keys
  5. SADLY WE CANNOT SUPPLY SHOWERS. So please bring warm dry clothes to change into – remember a few bin bags to place your dirty running gear in.
  6. The drinks, snacks and food stands will still be there to help you replenish and rehydrate before you set off home or go partying.